Facebook: It’s Worth it for Small Business

by Tiffany Simms

If you’re like many other small businesses these days, you’re trying to figure out where your company fits in the Facebook universe. It may appear to be quite a bit to take in—keeping your profile up to date, posting content, and engaging your fans—but studies show it is well worth the effort.

According to a 2009 study by the Pew Internet & American Life Project, 19% of internet users use sites like Facebook and Twitter to update their status and view the status of others compared to 11% just a year earlier. As noted in a recent article by Ron Jones on Searchenginewatch.com, a Chitika study found that out of thirty-three million unique visitors, Facebook provides the most loyal visitors, with 20 percent of those who originate from the social network in turn visiting the site they landed on four or more times in a week. Loyalty is key to developing relationships with your Facebook fans but first business owners must reach their target audience. Paul suggests three steps to gaining a loyal base following:

  • Promote Your Page
  1. Run Promotions
  2. Encourage Feedback
  • Engage & Converse
  1. Focus on Conversations
  2. Monitor Content Customers Like
  • Use Search Optimization
  1. Use Keyword Search Terms (SEO)
  2. Use Keywords on Your Fan Page

So, the lesson of the day is don’t be afraid to tackle social marketing sites. It will take some time to get used to maintaining your business’ fan page and to build a network but the benefits will fortify your company’s brand and build relationships. Become a fan of Root Orange on Facebook or follow us on Twitter to discover more ways to market your small business in a crowded marketplace.

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