The Weight of Keywords in Domain Names

Jan 12, 2010

By Margalit Gould

A recent survey published in Search Engine Journal (SEJ) revealed that 51% of people “notice [keywords in domain names] all the time.” This reinforces the conspicuous nature of keywords in the online community and suggests the continued importance that keywords play in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEJ writer Ann Smarty argues that there should be less emphasis on keywords in Google Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) because, “Today it is almost impossible to get hold of any 'exact match' domains that wouldn’t be too long or pointless.”

Of course this was very interesting to us at Root Orange!  We think Ms. Smarty would be excited to know it is now possible for any business to use an "exact match" domain using our patent-pending domain technology.   Google will always rank keywords highly in domain names and Root Orange allows businesses to use that to their advantage with our products.  Small businesses around the country (and world) can now use generic domains to drive exclusive, local traffic to their websites.  Sorry to get sales-y out of the blue but it's hard to resist with such a tantalizing survey!