Day 2: SXSW is Tiring and Our Presentation is Monday!

Mar 15, 2010

Day 2 has worn our bodies down.  We ended up taking a quick nap on the floor of the convention center.  But we haven't failed you - we filmed three mini-updates.  This video and its counterpart show you the Social Media Clubhouse where the Root Orange team sat down for an interview with TechZulu.  There's a third video of Frank getting interviewed by AOL's Download Squad but YouTube is being glitchy - we'll post it as soon as the kinks get worked out (update: it's working now, check out the link).  Tonight we attended the Twitter and Mashable parties but the latter was the best hands down.  Can't beat a good DJ!

In the meantime, enjoy the beautiful views of the lake (and a very nice infinity pool) in Austin in the videos above.  Tomorrow (Monday) we present at the Accelerator competition, watch us LIVE at 1:30 EST.  The pitches are limited to 2 minutes but the Q&A lasts for 10 minutes.