How Small Businesses Can Use Google's Tools for Online Success

Jun 9, 2010

Google Launches a Small Business Toolbox: "Tools for Online Success"

Google has long been interested in further engaging small business owners and took another step by introducing a new web page: "Tools for Online Success."  The new site offers tips and advice on how to be successful online, and word on the street is that is has the support of the U.S. government as well (the U.S. Small Business Administration). Both the Google logo and the U.S. Small Business Administration logo appear on the page.

Let's take a look at the page:

Again, you can see the partnership between Google and the Small Business Administration at the top of the page. Each tab will have a video of a small business owner offering advice on how they used the internet to help their business.

Some of the topics highlighted include:
  1. Establishing Your Online Presence
  2. Promote Using Free Online Marketing
  3. Measure Results With Web Analytics
  4. Engaging Customers With A Website

Though not a direct sell by Google, they hope to get more small business owners on board with Google tools by introducing this new online toolbox.

How can a small business owner benefit?

The opportunity to learn online marketing best practices from other small business owners could be extremely helpful in growing your it comes at a great price: free! The variety of topics that the toolbox covers offers a solid look at many of the key tactics in being successful with online marketing.  Everyone is now online so the need to have effective online marketing is greater than ever for small businesses looking to level the playing field.  The Internet can provide the stage to compete with some of the big players if the small business owner knows how to use online marketing tools to their advantage.

The new online marketing toolbox is a win for small business owners, so check it out.  You never know what you could learn that takes your small business to the next level!